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Maximals Drops Groovy New Reset EP on Protocol Records

Article by: Christian Langston

Italian DJ duo Maximals is closing out the year strong, with a three-song firecracker of an EP slated on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Records. This will be the duo’s 4th release of the year, bringing its 2020 total to a healthy six songs, plus one extended mix.

Reset opens with “No More,” sporting a soulful vocal and a classic house vibe with a twist. The bright piano breathes familiarity, while a driving bassline encourages the listener to get up and move. From start to finish, “No More” is a powerful groove-driven track, leading the EP perfectly.

Reset continues with “So Good,” an equally groovy track with an even harder feeling. The notable element here is the bass, taking the spotlight for a huge drop payoff. Maximals uses a similar sound to “No More,” ensuring the listener can smoothly listen through the whole EP. “So Good” breaks out vocal chops and samples reminiscent of the 70s disco fever, paying homage to the roots of house music.

Maximals bring it home with “You Got Me,” going full nu-disco. The final track brings back the classic piano, while including another funky vocal with a string section. This is the perfect finale to Reset, highlighting an infectious groove and a positive energy from the experience.

From start to finish, Reset completely conveys the Maximals sound in one cohesive EP. Their command over traditional house sampling techniques and modern sound design puts a fresh spin on a genre loved by many. Maximals has once again shown why they’re a Protocol Records mainstay, producing quality music and pointing towards the future. Check out all Maximals has to offer below.

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