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Miles Away Rides Off With “Bring Me Back”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Up and coming producer Miles Away, came out the gates this week with his new melodic composition “Bring Me Back.” The third single off his debut album that’s set to launch in 2021.

“Being Me Back” carries a fresh note of melancholy to represent the passing of time. Claire Ridley’s vocals mesh with the assortment of instrumental melodies to create an ephemeral listening experience. Textured synthesizers and explosive guitar riffs add stinging emotion to this uplifting gem.

“I had a clear vision from the earliest demo, that every section and instrument I added had to contribute to that theme and feeling of nostalgia in some way. For example, the guitars and piano were purposely recorded and processed to sound like they were recorded onto old cassette tapes, like the ones I used to listen to with my parents in our old Ford on summer road” - Miles Away

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