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Morgin Madison Completes Trifecta with “Feels Like”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Paving his way as one of mau5trap’s biggest rising stars, Morgin Madison releases the final of three early releases off of his upcoming debut LP Living the Phantasm. His song “Feels Like” takes us back to the roots of progressive house with warm swelling synths and soothing vocals.

In this track, Madison brings a sound that both house and trance fans will thoroughly enjoy. His prior single “Start Again” as well as “Feels Like” are both going to pack an atmospheric progressive house punch to any playlist.

"To me, ‘Feels Like’ is a bit of a sibling song to ‘Start Again.’ They’re both heavily inspired by the 2010 era of progressive house, except 'Feels Like' carries more of a vocal/club aesthetic,” reflected Madison about his recent releases. “Dance music fans that were into electronic music a decade ago are definitely going to understand where this is coming from, and this song is certainly a love letter to that time.”

Be sure to check out Morgin Madison’s upcoming LP coming out April 23 via mau5trap and check out his latest track “Feels Like” on our New Music Friday playlist. Connect with Morgin Madison and listen to his latest releases by clicking the links below.

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