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New Music Label Hot Out The Oven Cooks Up a Killer Compilation: Escape The Madness

Article by: Erivera Reyes

Texas-based event company Baked Up has blessed the dance music scene with a fresh record label, Hot Out The Oven Records. To build on the announcement, Hot Out The Oven Records dropped their debut release Escape the Madness, an action-packed compilation of multi-genre heaters from their Baked Dozen artist roster.

Escape the Madness proves to be yet another great project from the Baked Up team, curating the perfect mix of myriad styles including dubstep, trap, psytrance, future bass, house and drum and bass. With every song, there is a noticeable organic vibe, helping listeners feel connected with each individual track. The songs possess their very own personal signature, because each artist had the freedom of exploring and expressing their sound through personal creation.

There are no limitations when it comes to the Baked Up crew and its passion for electronic dance music, as it provides eclectic event productions, a deep roster of talented artists, and abstract branding, as well as its strongly supportive attitude towards the music industry and the EDM community. Be sure to keep up to date with Baked Up, Baked Dozen Management and Hot Out The Oven Records using the socials links below.

Escape the Madness Tracklist:

Gizmø - Still Getting It

Gratum - What We Telling Them

Jadip ft. Amplekti - Earth

James Gary - Talk To Me

Little Fohx ft. Zoe Zobrist - Out Of My Mind

Lazy K - Glock On My Hip

LovelyBones - MMHMM!

Milazzo - Lemme Tell Ya

Ron Austin - Not Ok But It’s Ok

Saratonin - Gimme Da Chocolate

Tek Savvy - Mescaline In Vegas

Zkosta ft. Elon Degenerate - Focus

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