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Nova Lotus Music Debuts First Compilation EP Nova Vita I

Story by: Trevor Di Carlo

The cinematic record label Nova Lotus Music is known for recruiting up and coming talent in the electronic music scene. Showcasing the talents of its producers, Nova Lotus Music comprised its first compilation EP, Nova Vita I. Featuring a mix of dark mid-tempo and melodic bass music, the EP features current Nova Lotus producers Kerys, Slayde, and Malixe, while also welcoming newcomers CODEUNIT, Astral Insight, and VED to the label.

The Rift” is the first supercharged track, and it kicks the EP off with bang. CODEUNIT employs a symphonic approach, using a dark piano melody layered with string instruments, to create a sinisterly smooth intro before the hard-hitting drop. Kerys leads the way forward with her glitchy track “Despair,” which opens up with an extraterrestrial melodic harmony that evolves into gritty bass display of fully distorted power.

Malixe comes through next with his groovy bass track “Ghosts.” Pungent sirens, matched with a deep club-style bassline, give this gem its unique and groovy sound. Diving into the depths for “Poseidon,” Astral Insight develops an otherworldly nostalgic intro as he keeps up with the heavy energy of the previous tracks. He follows through with serious bass punching power as he displays the power of the Greek god of the sea.

Nova Vita I comes to an epic conclusion with the last two tracks, “Proven Reality” by VED and “Aurora” by SLAYDE. “Proven Reality” is a diverse listening experience going from the upbeat sonic sounds of roaring synthesizers and grinding bass to the mellow melody of the emotional piano finish. “Aurora” provides an epic close to Nova Vita I, as SLAYDE produces a gritty dancehall masterpiece, packing the heat with this uptempo bass track.

Nova Vita Music prominently showcases the individual capabilities of the talented producers on its roster. Be sure to check out the socials for more from these artists and keep your eyes out for the next installment to the Nova Vita compilation series.

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