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Noya Declares His Ten Year Artist Statement With Release of Parasite EP

Article by: Patrick Egan

Noya's ten-year artist statement comes in the form of the new album, Parasite. The album looks at the relationship between humans and machines, and asks the question of who the parasite truly is: the machines or the humans? Parasite targets the idea of human beings being a parasitic organism while technology is now the parasite for our time and attention.

According to Noya, the release is “a commentary on how something born into toxicity becomes toxic.” The idea came to Noya during the height of the current COVID-19 pandemic, as he became frustrated watching people hoard essential items and treat each other with blatant disrespect. This blatant disregard for others became evident as we all had a front row seat to watch it unfold through technology. The idea lines up with, and is a tribute to, the cyberpunk genre. Noya claims that “the war between humans and machines is already happening, and the prize is our time and our lives.” To keep the motif going, Noya samples his favorite cyberpunk sounds and machines/sci-fi noises throughout the LP.

Parasite is Noya’s culmination of ten years of creating this style of music and swinging for the fences each and every time. Being his decade statement piece, he wanted to do exactly that, make a statement about something; and he found success by delivering a breathtaking album with a strong message. The truly multi-genre release has something for any bass music fan to listen to and fall in love with.

Make sure to give Parasite a listen this Friday, November 19th, and keep up with Noya’s new releases through the links below! CONNECT with Noya: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter LISTEN to Noya: Spotify | Apple Music | Beatport | SoundCloud | YouTube

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