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Ravenscoon and Super Future Team Up For Massive Track “Bad Shit”

Article by: Ryan Hood

After months of teases, Ravenscoon and Super Future have finally graced us with their brain-splattering and mind-altering collab “Bad Shit.”

These bass music heavyweights pulled no punches with this one, as they combined their signature bass sounds with some hard-hitting metal guitar to create the perfect soundtrack for the counterculture.

The two have spent over a year perfecting this collaboration, and it feels like the track perfectly encapsulates the energy and unrest of society today.

The beginning of the track combines punchy drums and chopped-up vocals while introducing crushing bass as the track builds. The first part of the drop is centered on a massive rising bass synth with an ominous vocal track repeating “bad shit that feel good,” perfectly setting the tone for this foreboding, energetic track.

The drop then takes a turn and adds in some metal guitar, the focal point of Super Future’s influence in the song. The guitar mixed with earth-shaking double-bass pedal fills paints an incredible auditory landscape that showcases the depth each artist can bring to a track. The guitar as a topline paints an almost apocalyptic picture, and coupled with the drum fills gives the song a classic metal sound.

“Bad Shit” is reflective of how each artist has grown as they have climbed the ranks of bass music. The track stands out amongst both of their discographies for its extremely heavy nature and creativity. While we have seen a major influx of bass artists influenced by rock and metal, Ravenscoon and Super Future take it to a new level by bringing a metal influence to experimental bass music.

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