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Satisfy Your FETISH At Synful Fairytales

Article by: Mike Shauf

Whips, chains, cuddles, chocolate or bass — whatever you do to celebrate Valentine's Day, the fact remains people have fetishes. This Valentine’s Day weekend, the Synful Fairytales warehouse rave is the best-kept secret during the big game weekend down in Arizona. Saturday’s 5th edition of Synful Fairytales will be huge because of all the extra out-of-towners coming in for Super Sunday so don’t miss it!

This fetish-themed rave is more than the typical warehouse rave though; it is an all-encompassing immersive experience where ravers are free to explore what their hearts desire. The method actors throughout the warehouse will not only entertain your freaky side, but they will also educate those looking to expand their horizons. This collaboration between Fairytale and Syn will reach a climax and blow more than your mind!

The headliner for this event fits perfectly with the theme, the viral sensation — FETISH! His most recognizable song “Come Check This” has over 12 million listens on Spotify, “Trench” has been listed on Billboard in the Top 50, and his new track “Wish He Knew” just dropped today! His naughty bass lines are going to fill attendees’ hearts with pleasure.

What’s your FETISH? Come arouse your ears and Listen to FETISH’s new track on our New Music Friday Playlist and come make love to the warehouse via this ticket link!


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