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Sleeper Cell Releases Massive 3-Track Debut EP

Article by: Austin Childers

Arizona native Connor Baxter, better known as Sleeper Cell, released his debut EP, Resolve, April 14. Sleeper Cell designed three modernized melodic dubstep tracks ready to send listeners into an euphoric experience. Being his debut EP, Sleeper Cell has made countless support appearances at many Arizona-based shows and festivals. Throughout his countless years of producing music, Sleeper Cell has proved he has what it takes to run alongside dubstep’s biggest artists.

Diving into the Resolve EP, Sleeper Cell mixes original melodic sounds, with bone crushing drum hits, that listeners will enjoy. With interesting twists and chops in “Conviction,” Sleeper Cell knows exactly how to keep the flow of rhythm in motion. Fusing the harmonies of church sounds and modernized dubstep is the key of the EP’s next track, “Retribution.” He continues his melodic journey with the last track, “Judgement.” In this track specifically, Sleeper Cell elongates his second drop which does heavy damage when linked up to a loud sound system.

When it comes to the music production that went into the Resolve EP, Sleeper Cell’s style grows on someone when diving deep into the EP. Sleeper Cell has mastered the combinations of drum patterns, melodic voices and unique sound to make this a stellar debut EP. Make sure to check out Sleeper Cell’s links below and listen to his music on our New Music Friday Heat playlist!

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