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Slippy Unveils Ethereal Double-Sided Single, “Lone/Feel Alive,” Out Now via Night Mode

Article by: Ryan Hood

Tampa-based producer Slippy’s newest double-sided single, “Lone/Feel Alive,” is the producer’s newest masterpiece. Released on the gamer-centric Night Mode label, these songs showcase the melodic bass producer’s range; as “Lone” utilizes a slower trap beat coupled with drawn out, ethereal synths, “Feel Alive” ft. Soundr starts as a melodic drum and bass track before shifting to melodic half time for the second drop.

“Lone” starts with airy vocal samples and far-off trance synths before tailing off. The vocals then take over, repeating “Got so used to being on my own.” The line, coupled with airy synths and a drawn out drum pattern, communicates the loneliness felt by the song’s protagonist.

The song then rises to its drop, showcasing long, melodic synths only broken up by the sidechain from the kick and snare. Coupled with high-pitched FX, this song has incredible depth, sucking the listener into Slippy’s world.

Next up is the drum and bass anthem “Feel Alive,” featuring the angelic voice of Soundr. The track begins with somber, melancholic chords, then introduces Soundr’s vocals as the song transitions from somber to triumphant. Soundr sings, “We won’t bend, we won’t break,” as the song builds to the drop. The drop is led by a rhythmic topline and extremely crisp percussion. The second drop uses the same melodic topline while the percussion in the first eight bars is slowed to half time. The percussion then returns to its original cadence to carry the song to the end. The song makes the listener feel as though they are breaking free of turmoil and internal anguish.

The duality Slippy presents in each song’s production and tone shows his versatility as a producer. Where “Lone” is somber, the protagonist in “Feel Alive” overcomes the hardships the first song describes. The two-song single perfectly encapsulates all that is good about the Slippy project.

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