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Some Die Young and Noya Team Up For Explosive Single “Black ‘N’ Blue”

Article by: Patrick Egan

Some Die Young and Noya almost effortlessly arrive at the perfect intersection of hip-hop and dubstep with their upcoming release “Black ‘N’ Blue” featuring Gravity.

Warpaint Records continues to grow and sharpen their vision, and their latest release helps them do exactly that. “Black ‘N’ Blue” calls on the collaborative work of Some Die Young and Noya. Some Die Young is the signature of Trevor Lanzarotta who continues to grow his epic resume, which already includes releases under Firepower Records, Impossible Records, and Pantheon. Some Die Young joins forces with the musical genius that is Noya, whose signature sound is perfectly demonstrated on this track. Noya’s merciless production style was made for the mainstage.

The single has an upbeat, hip-hop influenced intro drawing the listener in from the start. “Black ‘N’ Blue” then works into a dramatic build that leads into the heavy, quick paced dubstep drop that somehow perfectly blends the two styles. The song’s second drop hits even harder much to the delight of bassheads everywhere. “Black ‘N’ Blue” is a perfectly created collaboration of British Grime with High BPM dubstep. Make sure to catch the new release on Warpaint Records this Friday, October 23rd.

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