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Space Jesus Is Making Headlines Again And For All The Wrong Reasons

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

Jasha Tull, aka Space Jesus, is making headlines and popping up in our Twitter feeds - and once again, for all the wrong reasons. In late June 2020, Space Jesus made headlines in the dance music community for his alleged sexual assault misconduct between him and a former girlfriend, known as Caeli La. If you are not up to speed on the whole situation, you can read my previous article which details the whole situation.

On March 8 2021, Space Jesus announced he was filing a lawsuit against Caeli, for "the wrongful acts harm that she has caused" Tasha and his family over the last four years.

You can read his full statement below:

Now onto why I say he is making headlines for "all the wrong reasons." Yesterday, March 8, 2021 was International Women's Day, a day to recognize and celebrate all of the great women in our lives.

Now, I'm not usually one to pass judgment in articles I write -- I like to stick to the facts and report as such. However, this move just seems a bit scummy, and the announcement came on a day when there is a larger message about appreciating and respecting women. Even waiting one more day would have been strategically better, in my opinion. I'll leave it at that, but the judgement here was not great from Jasha’s team.

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