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Sully Hits the Mark with Malfunction EP

Article by: Ryan Hood

We’re all familiar with the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and it perfectly describes how I feel about Sully making his long-awaited return to my Release Radar on Spotify. After a year and a half without an official release, Sully dopped his single “Right About Now” a few weeks ago. And now, he is back with a full EP, Malfunction, and it is his best and most complete work in his discography.

Out now on Wakaan, Malfunction features four mind-bending tracks, each dabbling in a slightly different genre and arrangement while staying true to Sully’s signature bass sound.

The first track “Bumps” opens with a trap beat and subliminal bass synth. After the track builds, the bass becomes more prominent and dances around the beat. An incredibly catchy topline rounds out each 16-bar segment of the first drop, dramatically standing out amongst the flurry of bass synths. Each synth is carefully crafted, standing out from the others.

“Scorcher” has a standard dubstep arrangement, featuring an incredibly deep, punchy kick and crisp snare. The main bass in the drop sounds almost like a ray gun, as the track would be a perfect addition to a video game soundtrack. This is a tune that will set the crowd ablaze this festival season.

“Vibrate” threw me for a loop in the best possible way. Sully shows us he can get down with some bass house and breaks. The track opens with a signature bass synth arrangement, building to a drop with an incredibly crisp bassline driving the track. For the second drop Sully opts for breaks rather than the same house beat from the first drop. A plethora of bass sounds litter this drop, which is still incredibly danceable. This track showcases Sully’s range and ability to deviate from trap and dubstep heaters.

Last and most certainly not least, we have the eponymous title track. Settling back into dubstep for the culmination of this EP, “Malfunction” takes the listener on a ride, starting with an alarm-like lead as the song drops. The drop is driven by a bass synth that can only be described as crunchy. A rising topline joins the fracas, giving the tune a sense of urgency and a post-apocalyptic feel.

This EP was absolutely worth the wait. It highlights how Sully is progressing as an artist and I cannot wait to see how far he can ascend in 2021 and beyond.

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