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Synymata and Elle Vee Collab for the Beautifully Heavy “Where Does Love Go”

Article by: Christian Langston

Synymata’s first release of 2021, “Where Does Love Go,” is out on Heaven Sent Records, the flagship label started by SLANDER. If that doesn’t excite you enough, the song features the vocal talent of Elle Vee, a vocalist we’ve notably heard with SLANDER, Culture Code, and Excision. “Where Does Love Go” combines gorgeous melody with hard hitting bass, something we’ve come to expect from Synymata and right in line with Slander's vision for Heaven Sent.

“Where Does Love Go” opens with Elle’s vocals supported by a filtered synth and a counter melody, allowing the listener to truly connect with the vocal performance. The later addition of the drums keeps momentum forward, as it transitions into an energetic buildup before dropping into a deluge of synths and bass. Synymata brings it back in the second verse, before quickly dropping it one more time.

The break enters with a lone piano, juxtaposing the heavy electronic sounds of the drop. Elle’s vocal takes the lead again, as more atmosphere is added in over time before bringing the listener back to familiarity with the drums. Synymata adds one more build and drop for good measure, and the music fades out.

After a strong showing last year, with some major remixes and a staunch original, Synymata continues his takeover with “Where Does Love Go.” A beautiful combination of electronic and acoustic elements with stellar songwriting, it makes us excited to see what he has in store moving forward. Keep up with everything Synymata has coming up and listen to “Where Does Love Go” with the links below!

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