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The Electric Polar Bears Come Out Swinging with Their Latest Release “Homerun”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

The Electric Polar Bears are no slouches when it comes to producing some of the most unique funky-fresh house music, and “Homerun” is a welcomed addition to their collection. Released as the heart of baseball season approaches, “Homerun” is a summer anthem at its core and embodies the powerful feeling of achieving one of baseball's greatest feats: hitting a homerun. The Electric Polar Bears deliver their iconic sound with a dark yet bouncy futuristic house drop and combine it with emphatic spirited lyrics.

Recently, The Electric Polar Bears have teamed up with some elite talent for their new tracks and shows. For example, they’ve collaborated with The Ready Set on the track “Too Good To Lose,” Paris Hilton on “Melting,” and tyDi on “You Never Know.” To say the Electric Polar Bears aren’t swinging for the fences with every song would be an understatement, and they knocked one over the fence with “Homerun!”

The Electric Polar Bears are one duo to keep tabs on as they continue to make their mark within the music industry. After performing at events such as Paris Hilton’s Neon Wedding back in 2021, they kicked off 2022 with shows throughout North America. With another show coming up on May 21 in Mexico City, The Electric Polar Bears continue their upward trajectory. Be sure to check out “Homerun” in our New Music Friday Playlist and connect with The Electric Polar Bears with the links below.

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