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TINYKVT Releases Haunting “Demon Of My Dreams” On Cultiv8 Records

Article by: Christian Langston

You’re surely no stranger to TINYKVT; whether it be from her independent music, her first rate collaborations, or even her work as a composer, she has certainly made her name known. Her new single “Demon Of My Dreams” illustrates what makes her such a sought after artist. Characterized by a sinister atmosphere and TINYKVT’s distinguishing vocal performance, “Demon Of My Dreams” has arrived just in time for your Halloween playlist.

Opening with an unsettling atmosphere, the listener swiftly enters a dark space filled with a grimey reese bass and pounding drums. TINYKVT leads the audience through with her cardinal voice. The haunting vocals take center stage in an arrangement of gloomy tones, not only highlighting the vocal performance but the lyrical content as well. As harmonies are added, the tension builds to a hushed conclusion before releasing the chaos at the drop.

A discordance of metallic synths and unsettling basses are enough to make your blood run cold. The mechanical undertones sit in contrast to the vocal-driven sections before it, but they compliment the lyrics perfectly. This energy is perfect for a live show or vibing on a long drive, but we can especially hear “Demon Of My Dreams” used in TV and film.

TINYKVT continues to impress with everything she does, and “Demon Of My Dreams'' is no different. She does her best work across the board: production, songwriting, and vocal performance. We're also looking forward to the release of the music video very soon! You won’t want to miss what TINYKVT brings next; listen to “Demon Of My Dreams” and follow her using the links below!


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