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Tuesday Tune: "Friends" by Big Gigantic ft. Ashe

By: Nick Lamoureux - Song Selection by Lizzie Pomeroy

Big Gigantic is back with a new tune ft. Ashe! This is everything that you expect out of the duo and is right in line with the vibe I love from them. Featuring a saxophone buildup, "Friends" is the perfect pool-side tune for your weekend adventures. The song seemingly talks about a breakup, or a struggle in a relationship which is masked by their vibey sounds.

"You wanna be friends and not my lover. How do we go back?

You wanna be friends and that's enough. After what we had. You wanna be looking free for someone else.

And just as far as I can tell. We're not friends, no But how do we go back?

You wanna be friends."

Come back next week for another Tuesday Tune.

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