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Underground Icon Ravenscoon Holds Nothing Back in Debut Wakaan EP, 'Revolve'

Article by: Ryan Hood

A major label release has been a long time coming for San Francisco-based producer Ravenscoon. Revolve is the controlled and chaotic culmination of years of hard work – some of his best work to date – as he’s worked to forge his path and evolve into his sound.

He and his team have previewed these tracks for a while now, garnering significant hype for this release as shows and festivals return to our routines.

“Relax” is a highly anticipated release from Ravenscoon. Utilizing a booming vocal track that insists listeners relax their bodies, this track’s drop packs some serious punch. A loud, squelchy bass synth dominates the drop, shifting pitch and tone as the drop progresses, with plenty of room in the mix for the reverb to stand out.

“Sauced” features some of my favorite sound design on this EP, featuring a wide variety of different bass synths and stabs. The song is incredibly well mixed, as each bass synth stands out yet maintains the song’s flow. The snare fits the tune perfectly as well, sitting above all the different bass synths in the mix.

“Mental” utilizes a similar song structure, using more drawn-out bass synths in each 2-bar progression. This tune showcases some of Ravenscoon’s more experimental sounds, inviting the listener deeper into his world.

Last and most certainly not least comes “Blessings,” a collab with Viskus. The tune’s intro features nostalgic electronica synths as the song builds to its drop. The drop’s beginning revolves around an incredibly complex bass synth, eventually introducing hip-hop lyrics and an entrancing topline, giving the song incredible depth. The track is simultaneously an ode to classic dubstep while pushing the boundaries of sound forward, letting the listener get lost in its diverse soundscape.

Ravenscoon is one of the hottest up-and-comers in the bass music community, finding success with recent releases Rapid Eye Movements and Mind. He has several noteworthy festival bookings coming up and I cannot wait to see what stages he graces in the future.

Keep up with the latest from Ravenscoon using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat and Moon Tvnes From Outer Space playlists on Spotify for all of this weekend’s fresh bangers.

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