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W.A.S.H Gets You 4/20 Ready with New Joint “Burn Right”

Article By: Trevor Di Carlo

W.A.S.H, the dynamic duck-masked duo, made a big splash to start 2020 with new singles “Closer To You” and “Bugatti Booty.” This preceded their “W.A.S.H & Friends Corona Live Stream,'' where the ducks featured a bunch of loaded unreleased tracks and gave their ducklings a sneak peek of their production brewing behind the scenes. The strong reception of W.A.S.H’s production garnered the group a featured spot on’s Weekly Slap Pack.

Duckie and Puddles are prepared to launch listeners headfirst into the get high holiday of April 20th with the smoky new single “Burn Right” released on Only Trap. W.A.S.H shared they were “inspired by twerk greats like DJ Snake and Yellow Claw, we set out to make a twerk track that was both low key and smooth, as well as heavy and groovy in the drop.”

“Burn Right” embodies velvet smooth lyrics from artist Too$ick, which proves to be extremely symbiotic with the energetic underlying rhythm the ducks conjured up for this banger. This trap-lined bass track is methodically put together, down to the essence of every note. The drops are especially intricate and combine unique elements of sound. The grinding bass is set to a faster tempo, reinforced with more trappy bass and strategically placed vocal samples. The track calls you to get your ass down on the dance floor with a friendly reminder to only get to “smoking it if it burns right.”

This track displays the group's versatility with their signature twerk production and enticing rap feature, while dipping into their zany, high-energy sounds to take the listener on a journey into W.A.S.H’s psychedelic world. “Burn Right” does just the trick to get people in the mood for the epic 4/20 of April 2020. Hopefully this banger brings your friends and family together in a cloud of smoke.

This awesome spring twerk jam is sure to be pumping out of poolside speakers throughout the summer as people prepare to “Burn Right” with a quarantine fatty!

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