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Who Are Ya?! Fish Scale

Written By: Taylor Roberts

With the recent passing of the holidays, as well as his 27th birthday, I had the opportunity to interview producer, Eric Thornburg, better known to the electronic music world as “Fish Scale” for our next installment of Who Are Ya?!

Eric Thornburg, 27-year-old native of Wichita, Kansas who now calls Los Angeles, home. Originally, I was excited to interview an artist that lives locally to myself in Los Angeles, but the uniqueness to his name is what drew me in most.

While traveling overseas, Eric was captivated by a painting of koi fish. Being a longtime fan of Asian culture, something about the fish in the photo pulled him in. While scanning the image, Eric noticed the word “Fische Scales” which he eventually decided on being his project name: Fish Scale. Aside from the excitement of his project, Fish Scale, Eric co-curates a house music record label/collective called The Boat House.

Following Fish Scale’s graduation from Icon Collective Music Production School in 2017, his two and half year professional music journey began. However, he tells Moon Landing that he began producing in 2016 after watching Netflix’s “Under the Electric Sky”. He purchased and MIDI keyboard the day following and began learning.

Fish Scale produces mainly house music, but more particularly Bass House music in the loft of his apartment. His set up includes two KRK Rokit 6’s as well as a Novation Bass Station hardware synth to create most of his track’s main basses. Although not super proficient, he also plays the piano in which he thanks his professors at Icon Collective for their teachings.

After watching “Under the Electric Sky” on Netflix, Fish Scale knew he had to explore the surreal sensation he felt throughout his body due to watching this film. Although, Habstrakt, Jace Mek and Bijou are the names amongst Fish Scale’s biggest inspirations when creating, he explains that he is inspired daily. Whether experiences in his love life with his girlfriend, friends, or simply a track blaring during a late night drive; he is constantly being artistically influenced.

His most memorable moment to date is playing EDC Orlando at the Corona Electric Beach stage. He describes the crowd as being the largest in population with an energy that was unlike he had ever experienced before.

As Eric’s label, The Boat House, wraps up its first full year with astounding support from the public as well as other touring artists; he is on his way to accomplishing his goal of inspiring others.

Growing up heavily dedicated to athletics, he wants to display through his success that anything is possible as long as your mind is set on achievement. Eric plans to combine his passion for music with his love of traveling by playing his creations worldwide. He looks forward to playing more festivals and MoonLanding hopes we have the opportunity to experience it with him!

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