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Whyel Drops New Rocktronic Single “Obey”

Article by: Jessica Duncan

If you listen to dubstep or bass music now, chances are pretty high that you also used to listen to emo/screamo music. California producer Whyel combines his love of the alternative/emo/punk genres with dubstep to create “rocktronic” music. His latest single “Obey” is out today on Kayzo’s Welcome Records.

When Whyel first started producing back in 2011, he was making more moombahton and trap-influenced music. After a falling out with Panda Funk Records, he has since pivoted to the heavier genres of electronic music. He’s always been a fan of bass music and hard dance, which is why he’s found a home with Welcome Records, who has released his last few singles.

The opening distorted guitar riff of “Obey” is reminiscent of punk bands like Black Flag and Circle Jerks, while the bass line has more of an industrial feel to it. The half-sung/half-screamed vocals are done by Whyel, who also wrote the lyrics. The drop maintains the beat from the verse but switches up the bass to something more dubstep sounding with hints of guitar thrown in, seamlessly combining both genres.

According to Whyel, “I wrote this record to reflect on how I was seeing the world around me. There’s too many fake emotions, fake intentions, fake everything. I felt that nobody was being real and true to themselves anymore. I just wanted to write something that communicated my frustration for the inauthenticity of culture today. The energy behind the production and the raw emotion of the vocals is exactly how I was feeling at that time.”

Listen to “Obey” and keep up with everything Whyel has going on by clicking the links below. Check out the other tracks that dropped today on our New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify!

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