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Yewz Gives Us the “Stank Face” with His Debut EP

Article by: Ryan Hood

While the bass music scene is no stranger to rap and hip-hop, Yewz’s debut EP Stank Face blends the two genres seamlessly, combining his signature wobbly bass and the lyrical flow of Lowkea, featured on “One, Two” and “Creator.”

The eponymous title track features an incredibly bouncy and funky topline that has become a staple in the wobbly bass community. Genre mainstays Dirt Monkey, Subdocta, Boogie T, and Father Funk will often utilize similar toplines in their tracks. The drop in “Stank Face” displays a crisp sound design and bouncy bass synths, utilizing a similar rhythm to the opening melody. The bass synths in this tune will definitely have you putting on your best stank face.

For “One, Two” and “Creator,” Yewz tapped rapper Lowkea to rap over his signature wobbles. “One, Two” features deep bass synths that drive the track while Lowkea provides the track’s topline. The vocals and bass flow together seamlessly and are a testament to how well this producer-rapper duo works.

Saving the absolute best for last, we have “Creator.” Yewz posted a clip of this track a few weeks back, and we already knew he had a masterpiece on his hands. This song is straight rip-your-face-off and punch-your-friends-in-the-pit energy.

The song starts off with an ominous alarm sound and melody as “bitch I’m your creator” repeats. At the drop, Lowkea begins his verse as a punishing drum pattern and guttural synth take over the song. Many bass music producers have tapped rappers for song features, but mainly for pre-drop verses and vocal samples. “Creator” flawlessly executes the exact opposite. Lowkea’s flow over Yewz’s drop makes for a track with incredible energy, certain to set dancefloors on fire when dancefloors are finally safe again.

Stank Face represents a huge level up for Yewz, and we cannot wait to see what is next from the young Arizona-based producer. Keep up with the latest from Yewz using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat and the far out Moon Tvnes From Outer Space playlists on Spotify for all of this weekend’s fresh bangers!

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