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Zomboy Releases "Flatlined," First Single on Rott N’ Roll Records

Article by: Austin Childers

The dawn of a new era for legendary EDM producer Zomboy has arrived. He is proud to unveil his very own record label, Rott N’ Roll Records. Its debut release is Zomboy’s single “Flatlined” featuring Micah Martin, out today.

For years, Zomboy has been recognized as one of the top-performing producers, with his genre-bending, highly original, dubstep style and sound. He built his early career with Never Say Die Records and had a reputation for being unyielding and unrelenting when it came to his artistic vision and stylistic integrity. In his new single “Flatlined” which features Micah Martin, Zomboy continues this trend by elevating his sound to another level.

He displays creative genius in his extensive repertoire. Mixing sounds of emo rock and modern dubstep, Zomboy defies all expectations yet again. With the launching of his new label in the dubstep record pool, his ability to hone in on what matters is most important: making the music that he feels best represents his truest self.

In “Flatlined,” Zomboy sticks to his roots by starting off with a catchy emo/punk guitar riff and drum beat build-up. Micah Martin introduces himself with powerful vocals and one knows what comes next — a dominant destructive bassline drop emerging from the depths of dubstep mosh pits. In the breakdown of the drop, Zomboy adds a set of triple notes to add to the entertainment. The dynamic duo of Zomboy and Micah Martin definitely sets the standard of what Rott N’ Roll Records is building.

With almost 170M combined streams on Spotify and over 1B combined streams on YouTube, Joshua Mellody, better known as Zomboy, is a leader in bass music with his timeless production and adaptability in an age when electronic music continues to evolve. Check out Zomboy with his new single “Flatlined” as well as other releases on Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist!

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