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KAMI Is Ready To Release The “Rage Cage”

Article by: Jessica Duncan

We’ve covered a few of American hard dance trio KAMI’s releases this year because they have been putting out bangers nonstop. Their latest single “Rage Cage” is a 160-BPM rawstyle track and has been a staple in their sets over the last year. Now it is finally unleashed on Basscon Records.

KAMI’s motto is “Rage2Hard” and it’s clear to see with every new release. “Rage Cage” opens with a creepy vocal that commands “release me from this cage.” The ominous synths come in along with a warning that “it’s time to fucking rage” before the distorted piep kicks take over. The second drop changes the kick to a more booming sound, with a faster and more intense feel.

“Rage Cage” seems to incorporate some of KAMI’s deadly techno elements from their Cyborg Future EP they released and I covered last year. It’s awesome to see them combine both rawstyle and techno elements on this track.

Another release along with “Rage Cage” is KAMI’s track “Party Hard,” which came out on Basscon last March. The latter is also a high-energy banger that incorporates booming distorted kicks and both tracks will make the listener want to get their Hakken on.

Stream “Rage Cage” and check out everything else KAMI has going on using the links below. Follow Moon Lnvding’s New Music Heat Friday playlist on Spotify to listen to the other hard dance tracks that dropped this week.


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