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SampliFire Discusses ‘Ragnarok’ and His Musical Influences

Article by: Austin Childers

It was an honor to write up SampliFire’s new Ragnarok EP a few weeks ago. More recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with SampliFire and ask him about the EP and what exciting new things will unfold in this new chapter of his music career.

SampliFire is an impressive artist when one gets to know the origins of his inspirations, his start in the music scene, and where his path is going to lead him next. “Ragnarok in the Norse/Viking mythology references the last day on Earth, where demons and all sorts of evil forces destroy the world as we know it,” SampliFire explains.

SampliFire started his musical journey by going to shows with his father starting at a fairly young age and got introduced to the techno genre of EDM. Then SampliFire explains how his love for the dubstep developed.

SampliFire: “One day I went to a different stage with one of my friends back in 2012 and I randomly saw Rusko play and was instantly hooked! When I discovered the OG riddim underground sound in 2014/2015 (Phiso, Aweminus, Sadhu, Badklaat, 50 Carrot) I was absolutely hooked.”

SampliFire, known for his dubstep presence, also knows his way around the keys of a grand piano and enjoys soundtrack, orchestral, and classical music.

The pandemic was a tough time for everyone across the globe, especially artists in the music scene. Without any live events available, it was a strenuous time to find inspiration.

SF: “I luckily had diversified my business between mentoring/sample packs/commissioned music before COVID hit… the hardest was the inability to play that music, and not knowing when it would be possible!”

Like countless other artists, producers look up to one another for inspiration and enjoyment, and SampliFire is no different.

SF: “For the Viking music look up Heilung & Danheim credits where it's due! For the orchestral stuff lately I'm on repeat with Hans Zimmer's Dune Soundtrack (3 albums they dropped)!! And bass wise the new Voyd album, MUERTE, Marauda new bits are absolutely insane, all the French gang homies IVORY, Ecraze, Graphyt, Dirtyphonics, Dr.Ushuu, Bizo, Evilnoiz and more!”

When SampliFire isn’t in the studio grinding at his craft, he likes to travel. With the pandemic nearing an end, artists like SampliFire are excited and ready to get back on the road touring the country and playing for their fans. What are his goals for 2022?

SF: “Touring America again, reaching a deeper understanding of the SampliFire project and making a lot more friends through music!”

The last question I asked was about his plans for his project, and if we should expect any other exciting tunes to surface within this realm.

SF: “Ragnarok end of the earth as we knew it, now is it the end of the earth period ;)?”

Make sure to follow SampliFire’s journey and his new music on the curated MoonLvnding New Music Friday Heat playlist and stay to date with SampliFire using the links below!

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