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Yultron and LLLLNNNN Run It Back And “Pump It”

Article by: Jessica Duncan

The mysterious, masked American hard dance producer LLLLNNNN appeared out of nowhere near the end of 2021. His track “Re-Rentry” landed on Basscon’s Recon Volume 2 compilation which I reviewed for Moon Lvnding. Since then, he has played at the Wasteland stage at EDC Las Vegas, Project Z, and released “Emergence,” his first collaboration with Yultron.

Today he is back for another collaboration with Yultron — “Pump It” — out now on Basscon Records. Yultron has always included hard dance elements in his songs, but this is the first time he has released anything through Basscon.


A few different styles of hard dance can be heard on “Pump It.” The track opens with elements of hard techno including a 909 acid synth, the arrangement of the hi-hat pattern, and the booming style of kick used. Throughout the track, there are some traditional hardstyle screeches thrown in too. The drop has bouncy energy to it that is reminiscent of Darren Styles, although I wouldn’t quite call it reverse bass — it’s more hard house influenced. Both producers’ styles can clearly be heard on “Pump It” and work well together to create a cohesive song.

Stream “Pump It” and check out everything else Yultron and LLLLNNNN have going on using the links below. Follow Moon Lnvding’s New Music Heat Friday playlist on Spotify to listen to the other hard dance tracks that dropped this week.

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